The Wild

A little poem about environmentalism and the fallacy of progress. All film and sound credits go to Cole Risby.


That was an interesting evening. Credits go to Martin Bond and James Linsell-Clark.

Butterfly Effect

A collaborative play produced by Twisted Willow Theatre. Ten writers individually created ten different scenes using the same characters and concepts. The scenes were then woven and folded together by head writer Kim Komljanec to create a coherent narrative. It enjoyed a two week run at the Corpus Christi Playroom in Cambridge and did pretty well. An interesting and fun experience. My scene comes in at about 36 mins on the first half. With thanks to Saskia van Ryneveld.

A Fountain of Faces

Exploring the idea of the writer embodying all the lives of her characters, and thus experiencing a near-endless personality complex.facesoikyhgfr-2rtfgyhjkl-2