Where the Wild Things Aren’t


My first post on The Dark Mountain Project, dealing with cities, human nature and Extinction Rebellion.

‘Though we build structures between us and the real world. Though we divide and separate and rift. We should remember that we have the outside within us, regardless of cities or walls. We ourselves are liminal, able to inhabit both worlds at once.’

Dark Mountain seeks to retell the stories that have led us astray. Read more of them here.


When Our Roar Was Birdsong.


Published by Climate:Cultures. The essay is a piece of semi-reportage about bushcraft, rebellion, and growing courgettes.

'I am standing in the centre of the city of London, right outside the Houses of Parliament. They are shrouded in scaffolding like the bandages of a leper. I think: now there’s a simile. Next to me, someone is shouting. All around me, people are shouting and roaring. I am roaring. There are banners being waved by children and grandparents alike. The sky is full of them. They show the stark outline of bird carcasses and flowers. They are all embroidered with an hourglass held within a circle. XR.’

The piece is available to read on Climate:Cultures.

The Real Jazz Baby. Flash Fiction Anthology


It was an honour to have my story ‘Love’ included in this excellent collection of micro tales. 

'The Real Jazz Baby features 162 flash fictions from over 120 of the best flash fiction writers in the world. These short short stories, each no longer than 360 words, were long-listed for the four rounds of the Reflex flash fiction competition held in 2018.Within these pages traditional narrative shares space with the boldly experimental. Humour sits alongside tragedy. The Real Jazz Baby is the perfect introduction to readers new to flash fiction, and essential reading for those already familiar with what the form can offer.'

The anthology launched in July 2019, and is published by Reflex Fiction.



Read my review of ‘How to Talk to Girls at Parties’ by the graphic novel maestros Neil Gaiman, Fabio Moon, and Gabriel Ba.

‘For those of us who feel like the world is constantly overflowing with a barrage of wonders and curiosities of inexplicable brilliance, this comic will make a lot of sense. It’s a charmingly clear example of what the ‘magic realism’ genre can stand for: an ordinary situation, with an ordinary protagonist, filled with extraordinary events and characters. The crux is that the protagonist doesn’t react the way we think he/she might. They don’t run around screaming and calling the cops, instead, they go to the kitchen, mix a cocktail and return to the conversation as if everything was normal.’

The review can be read online at Storgy.



Read my review of ‘Heart in a Box’ - a quiet yet powerful graphic novel created by Kelly Thompson and Meredith McClaren. Published by Dark Horse Comics.

‘Too often comics are all about the BOOM, CRASH-BANG-WALLOP!!! without any breathing space at all. Well I got news for you, lads: that’s not a story. It’s just violence dressed up as drama. Real story, real drama, has a focus on feeling rather than action. Its high points are also quiet points. Its stillness is reinforced with real sensation. It’s a trick not easily pulled off, to make silence exciting.’

The review can be read online at Storgy.



Read my review of ‘The Motherless Oven’ - a brilliant graphic novel created by Rob Davis and published by Self Made Hero.

‘Scarper Lee’s internal dialogue is muscular and sharp, tinged with a comical sadness at an incomprehensible world – think Donnie Darko with more tea and biscuits. Rebellion is a repetitive theme in this story. There is an artist’s desire to rough things up with the eventual wish of making them better.’

The review can be read online at Storgy.

Love Letters Left at the Feet of the Inferno

A collaborative project with artist Luisa-Maria MacCormack based on my poem ‘Love Letters left at the feet of the Inferno’.

Art by Luisa-Maria MacCormack

to see more of her work visit: http://www.luisamariam.com

The anthology is published and available though Ad Hoc Fiction.

Flash Fiction Festival. Anthology


Very happy to have my flash ‘Kafka’s Bedroom’ included in this fantastic and flashy anthology.

‘Sixty micro fictions written by participants and presenters inspired by the second UK Flash Fiction Festival held in Bristol, July 2018. The stories here, by writers from several different countries, touch on world politics, relationships in all their forms, fantasy and historical themes. Short-short fictions that surprise and linger long.’

Male Sexuality & the Female Gaze


In collaboration with London Drawing Group. This essay was written to accompany a life-drawing workshop in which I, as the model, was placed in a series of traditionally female poses to highlight the contrast between gender perceptions. The class was a great success and a very rewarding experience.


Exit Earth. Apocalypse Anthology


It was an honour to have my short story 'And the Waves Take the Words' included in this astounding collection of end-of-the-world tales. 

'From Trumpocalypse to Brexit Britain, brick by brick the walls are closing in. But don’t despair. Bulldoze the borders. Conquer freedom not fear. EXIT EARTH explores all life – past, present, or future – on, or off – this beautiful, yet fragile, world of ours. Final embraces beneath a sky of flames. Tears of joy aboard a sinking ship. Laughter in a lonely land. Dystopian or utopian, realist or fantasy, horror or sci-fi, EXIT EARTH is yours to conquer.'

The anthology launched in December, 2017, and published by Storgy.


Haiku to F*ck to. Erotica Anthology


Very happy to have several of my poems included in this comical yet sentuous collection of erotic haiku.

'Haiku To Fuck To is an anthology that celebrates sexuality and the human body. Between its covers you are invited to explore the many facets of sex, sensuality and the imperfect… The 52 haiku contained within play with themes of intimacy, gender, romance and societal views, and are presented on a backdrop of illustrations, artwork and photography – a canvas as vibrant and diverse as the subject itself.'

The anthology was released though Spark the Word creations.


The Ogham Stone

Proud to have my story 'My Father Was a Man of the Ocean' included in this anthology curated by the MA students of Limerick University.

 '..here at Limerick, we are like the narrator of Philip Webb Gregg’s story in this volume: always ready to walk into the waves, recognising that writing is a process like the rhythm of the tides, like the rhythm of a heartbeat, like the way the Shannon slides on the river of itself down to the sea.'


Butterfly Effect


A collaborative play produced by Twisted Willow Theatre. Ten writers individually created ten different scenes using the same characters and concepts. The scenes were then woven and folded together by head writer Kim Komljanec to create a coherent narrative. It enjoyed a two week run at the Corpus Christi Playroom in Cambridge and did pretty well. An interesting and fun experience. My scene comes in at about 36 mins on the first half. With thanks to the cast & director.